7 Reasons to Offer Cloud-managed Wi-Fi

Global Wireless Connectivity
Offer Wi-Fi connections, across multiple wireless access points, where and when you need it. Whether you’re deploying a few APs or tens of thousands, a few sites or a few hundred sites, the IgniteNet Cloud has you covered. Expand your Wi-Fi networks with ease and speed with managed Wi-Fi. Control and monitor the entire network through one easy interface, from any device with amazing cloud scalability, flexibility and speed.

Remote, End-to-End Management
Utilize the IgniteNet Cloud Controller for monitoring, alerts (Slack notifications now available!), live device status and statistics for all managed Wi-Fi networks, while ensuring optimal network performance. And with bulk firmware management, you can skip the site visit.

End-User Services and Device Configurations
Modify and manage bandwidth, while supporting paid Wi-Fi add-on integrations (see options below), across all Wi-Fi enabled devices, all from within the IgniteNet Cloud Controller. Ease of management, remote troubleshooting, faster deployments, and end-to-end visibility are all possible through cloud-managed Wi-Fi from anywhere in the world.

Reinforce Your Brand
Utilize a customizable IgniteNet Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to present your brand and service options for a complete customer experience through managed Wi-Fi. Advanced apps and services set service provider offerings apart from the competition, while building recurring revenue through a ‘one-stop shop’ model for both business and residential customers.

Reduce Customer Churn
80% of a company’s future revenue comes from just 20% of its existing customers. Increase customer stickiness and eliminate service cancellations by offering exclusive valuable add-ons that keep customers, while expanding business opportunities and monthly revenue.

Wide Range of Supported Access Points & Switches
The IgniteNet Cloud Controller works with a wide range of indoor and outdoor IgniteNet wireless access points and switches (PoE and Fiber), meeting the needs of any installation. Our wireless networking equipment supports powerful fiber-like speeds and app-enabled networks for business opportunities with hotels, apartments, retail stores, restaurants, small and medium-sized businesses — even residential! IgniteNet access points, switches and Cloud Controller work seamlessly to deploy enterprise-grade wireless networks at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional networks.

Available Add-on Wi-Fi Services to Increase RMR:

Content filtering & security • Guest Wi-Fi services • Marketing services • Anti-virus & malware • Bandwidth management • Audio streaming • Business intelligence • Retail analytics • Social marketing…and more!