Managed Wi-Fi – Like You’ve Never Seen Before!

Empower your network to do so much more than before by enabling IgniteNet access points and switches to deliver additional value through our ever-expanding collection of apps and services.

What is Managed Wi-Fi?
Simply put, it is a scalable, end-to-end wireless networking solution that helps MSP/ISPs provide carrier-grade Wi-Fi and wired networking easily across thousands of sites and devices.

ADD-ON INTEGRATIONS: A Managed Wi-Fi “Game-Changer”

IgniteNet provides the world’s first app-enabled platform for Managed Wi-Fi. Our exclusive Cloud Controller meets the demands of businesses and homes that rely on consistent Wi-Fi connections by offering a full-range of innovative apps and services that the competition cannot deliver.


IgniteNet is continually looking to bring value to customers, offering apps and services which currently include:

• Content filtering & security

• Retail analytics

• Marketing services

• Anti-virus & malware

• Business intelligence

• Social marketing

• Wi-Fi access

• Bandwidth management

• Audio streaming

…and more!

Our full-line of comprehensive add-ons provide a seamless customer experience while increasing your business RMR. Value-added services are significant as ISP/MSP’s continually search for ways to increase profits and meet the increasing demands of end-users. IgniteNet’s all-in-one solutions provide end-users what they want and need directly from our cloud-managed platform, easily growing cyclical billing for both residential and commercial accounts.

All of our add-ons are conveniently layered within the IgniteNet Cloud Controller, using IgniteNet’s APs and switches, making integration effortless. Best of all, many of these add-ons are offered at a per service price with access integrated and controlled through the IgniteNet Cloud – no additional equipment or software is required. Simply “flip the switch” and start billing.

MSP/ISPs can boost their revenue with Managed Wi-Fi through:

  1. Integrating add-on services using the IgniteNet Cloud Controller (with no additional equipment or software necessary!)
  2. Reducing customer churn by providing special services, on top of standard connections
  3. Tapping into new service markets through add-on offerings to grow your business base

IgniteNet provides proactive insights into what customers want from their Wi-Fi network and the incredible possibilities that exist will have service providers raking in the revenue. Several of our value-add options are particularly popular with businesses in the retail and hospitality industries, such as shopping malls, hotels, airports, and school districts. And popular residential services include content filters, audio streaming and anti-virus/malware options.


By combining our add-ons, low-cost access points, and Cloud Controller, we take the complexity out of deploying and managing Wi-Fi networks with a remarkably easy web interface, all while increasing your monthly revenue! And even better news – our IgniteNet Cloud Controller is available for a fraction of the cost of other cloud-managed solutions with no hardware or set-up costs, proving how affordable (and profitable!) enterprise-grade, cloud-managed wireless networking can be.

For networks with up to 2 APs, our Cloud Controller is FREE for life –OR- manage 1000’s of devices for only $99/year!