Cloudwifi Brings Multi-Gigabit Internet to Ontario Using IgniteNet’s MetroLinq Platform

Cloudwifi, which operates throughout the province of Ontario, is using IgniteNet's disruptive 2.5Gbps MetroLinq mmwave platform to deliver Internet connectivity. This platform allows for multi-gigabit connections to be rapidly deployed using point to point (PTP) as well as point to multipoint (PTMP) architectures - all at considerably lower price points than previous, traditional technologies.

Fiber networks are extended to unconnected areas using 60 GHz MetroLinq products and the variety of models available allows choosing the most suitable one based on distance and capacity requirements. Mmwave-based connectivity is ideal for high-density urban deployments as narrow beam antennas, signal absorption by oxygen, and ample free spectrum (7 GHz) ensures the security of the connections while essentially eliminating interference. It is also simple to co-locate multiple units on a single tower or building without having any RF interference or noise issues.

IgniteNet’s Cloud-based controller is another great advantage for operators - allowing network administrators to easily undertake maintenance tasks, even for remotely located networks. This leads to reduced operational expenses for service providers and increased customer satisfaction.

"When we set out on our vision to bring blazing fast internet to high-density condos, apartments, and student residences throughout Ontario, we never imagined we would gain traction so quickly. As we continue on this rapid growth trajectory, spectrum management and allocation has become one of our biggest internal challenges. With MetroLinq, we have been able to overcome these open license spectrum issues by co-locating radios in extremely high density environments without causing interference problems. IgniteNet is also affordable and quick to deploy; this powerful combination allows us to deliver connections to our customers in more places, and at speeds even faster than conventional fiber optics!", says Arif Hudda, CEO of Cloudwifi.

“Cloudwifi is one of our early-adopter customers and is showing the world the power of mmwave technology to bring Gigabit Internet to dense urban markets. Our MetroLinq platform enables the development of hybrid fiber-wireless networks and the extension of Gigabit services quickly and easily. We look forward to continuing our innovation and disruption in the market in order to give trailblazing operators such as Cloudwifi the best tools available to gain an advantage over the traditional telecom companies”, says Chad Dewey, VP of Product at IgniteNet.

About IgniteNet

Headquartered in Irvine, CA, IgniteNet is a wholly owned subsidiary of SMC Networks, Inc. IgniteNet has a proven track record of producing powerful, reliable, easy to deploy, and innovative cloud managed wireless solutions for Enterprises and Service Providers. IgniteNet products are available at the industry's lowest cost for 60 GHz wireless technology and are sold through channel partners worldwide. For more information, please visit

About Cloudwifi

Headquartered in Kitchener, Ontario, Cloudwifi is a cutting-edge Internet company that is on a mission to provide a true independent alternative to the big telcos and change the way Canadians get online! Cloudwifi is building the country’s first 10 Gbps network, available exclusively to high-density multi-family (MDU) buildings and at a pricepoint that offers a significant discount to the traditional telecommunications providers. It all started with one building in Waterloo, and you can now find Cloudwifi’s services in over 100 buildings across Kitchener, Waterloo, Toronto, Oshawa, London, Niagara Falls, and Brantford. Add value, increase revenues, and differentiate your property in the market with our hybrid-fibre built-in Internet services for owners and operators of high-rise properties. Contact us for more information on how to modernize your building’s amenities by visiting