Edgecore Assists RT-Mart in Creating a Smart Shopping Environment


Due to technological evolution, the retail industry is facing new challenges in recent years. With increasing market competition and changes in consumer behavior, the retail industry needs to innovate its business models in order to provide more attractive and value-added services. RT-Mart, a hypermarket chain in Taiwan, through cooperation with Edgecore Networks, has deployed a wireless centralized management solution for their network structure of 20 retail branches across Taiwan, which enables them to grow and expand the scale continuously in the retail market.


In the past, traditional retailers mostly focused on the size of the store and the number of product types; instead, in the mobile century, they need to pay more attention to customer services. RT-Mart brings digital services, such as using Apps and Line Official Accounts to provide tailored, targeted offers and the latest product information. In addition, self-checkout systems have also increased efficiency and lowered labor costs.

In order to support diverse smart devices, RT-Mart needed a stable and easy-to-manage network solution. After considering network solutions from many reputable brands, RT-Mart decided to deploy a wireless solution from Edgecore Networks. Edgecore's solution included more flexibility, which can successfully provide a more optimized consumer experience.

Figure 1: RT Mart App for Smart Shopping


As the first stage, Edgecore inspected the network structure of all RT-Mart branches to get an overall picture of the system. After confirming the status of the network equipment in each store, Edgecore's engineers planned the network infrastructure deployment based on RT-Mart's needs:

1. Adopt a cloud management system to manage all wired and wireless networks from anywhere using an intuitive user interface and enabling intelligent network management.

2. Provide free and stable Wi-Fi for customers that covers all corners of each store.

3. Reduce the cost of the infrastructure set-up and maintenance while keeping good service quality.

Figure 2 & 3: APs are installed on the ceiling of the store to provide customers and store

Edgecore’s ecCLOUD system provides unified visibility and control over all wired and wireless devices, simplifying the deployment, management, and monitoring of single-site or multi-site networks. Additionally, with professional enterprise-grade indoor and outdoor access points, RT-Mart can provide a stable and smooth connection quality, even when transmitting data to multiple clients simultaneously. With their antenna options and rust-resistant plastic housing, the access points can meet the deployment needs of various indoor and outdoor environments, achieving the best possible Wi-Fi coverage and performance.

In addition, Edgecore has also completed the implementation of RT-Mart’s mobile inventory and self-checkout system. The ecCLOUD solution manages more than 600 wireless and wired devices, meeting RT-Mart's rapid network deployment and powerful centralized management, as well as maximizing labor efficiency.

Edgecore solutions not only provide a secure and reliable wireless network, but also implement bandwidth control and user authentication, allowing administrators to mitigate many of the effects of network congestion.


“In response to the mobile century, we provide consumers with free Wi-Fi access, cooperate with Uber Eats, and use wireless PDAs for inventory checking and pick up service. All these applications will need the support from Edgecore Networks.” says IT Manager from RT-Mart.

“Edgecore has provided a solution with sufficient network bandwidth, high performance and efficiency, and reasonable prices. The powerful cloud functions have allowed us to streamline human resources, increase revenue, and enhance customer satisfaction as well.”

Figure 4 & 5: Self-checkout Machine & PDA for Inventory Check


Retailers would like to use the power of technology to increase the value of services and consumer loyalty. After deploying Edgecore wireless network solutions, RT-Mart has not only achieved outstanding network performance and availability, but also created a new shopping experience that is different from traditional retailers. For its future strategy, RT-Mart intends to have more services related to the sharing economy and IoT applications. Edgecore will assist RT-Mart in promoting the evolution of its services, enabling them to obtain more business opportunities and stand out from their rivals!


• ecCLOUD Cloud Controller
• Spark AC Wave 2 Indoor Wireless Access Point
• SunSpot Indoor Wireless Access Point

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