1.1.5 SR3 HeliOS firmware is released

What's new?

You can download the latest firmwares from our support site, or upgrade your managed devices in bulk from the Cloud controller interface.

Here's what's changed since the initial 1.1.5 release:

Service Release 1 changes:

  • Fixed some bugs related to hostapd/auto-channel failures
  • Restored RPS capability for GW-AC1200
  • Feature: Added network/IP flows logging to the services page of the UI (and in the cloud)

Service Release 2 changes:

  • Added support to change the RADIUS Interim Update Timeout to the wireless settings
  • Added support for DFS alerts (reported to the Cloud)
  • Fixed an issue where an AP's WAN IP address didn't show up on the cloud when Management VLAN was enabled
  • Adjusted DFS channel selection behavior
  • Added initial support for the BLACKBX.io integration
  • Added an initial fix for decreased throughput due to mixed 11ac and 11n clients

Service Release 3 changes:

  • Fixed incorrect wireless interface MAC address reporting issue for devices operating in Client mode
  • Fixed a sysupgrade bug introduced in 1.1.5 SR3 Beta
  • Fixed routing of management VLAN packets
  • Fixed hotspot configuration, causing premature service restart
  • Fixed ContentShield configuration problems resulting in wrong WEB page redirection
  • Fixed small hotspot whitelist management issue, which resulted in mobile devices not showing the "Sign in to the hotspot" page automatically

Which products use this firmware?

This firmware applies to the following models:

  • Gateway AC1200
  • Spark AC750
  • SunSpot AC1200 and N300
  • SkyFire AC1200 and AC866