2.1.0 ML 2.5G Firmware Released

You can download the latest firmwares from our support site, or upgrade your managed devices in bulk from the Cloud controller UI.

Which products does this affect?

This firmware applies to the following models:

  • ML2.5-60-35-XX
  • ML2.5-60-19-XX
  • ML2.5-60-BF-18-XX

What's new?

Here's what changed in this release:

  • Fixed: LACP & LLDP not working correctly
  • Fixed: Buffer memory issue on 60 GHz
  • Fixed: UMAC timeout on 60 GHz
  • Improvement: DFS patterns and operation logic improvements
  • Improvement: Q-in-Q passthrough improvements
  • Improvement: Noise floor stats added into statistics
  • Improvement: 60GHz queue mechanism optimization (allows to reach higher max throughput)
  • Improvement: Improved speedtest utility
  • New Feature: Added traffic control
  • New Feature: Added 60 GHz scan function