Cloud Recent Issue Analysis

Issue explanation The message queue service on ecCLOUD was overloaded, which caused slow activity reports and slow configuration changes. Solution 1. Increase HW resource for statistics »

Cloud maintenance tasks finished

Cloud has finished maintenance tasks and services are available now. Affected features: Device statisticsSite level dashboard statisticsCloud level dashboard statisticsConnection between device and ecCLOUD »

Cloud maintenance

ecCLOUD is under maintenance and will be available soon. Affected features: Device statisticsSite level dashboard statistics Cloud level dashboard statisticsDevice might not able to connect to »

Recent Cloud Updates

What's New?Enhancement & Fixes Fix the wrong firewall configuration in EAP101. The configuration will be fixed automatically when the user does configuration change manually. »

Recent Cloud Updates

Important: Cloud will proceed upgrade on June 2 at 8PM (UTC +8)What's New?New Model Support Support MLTG-CN LR v1.3.2 New Feature Support »