60GHz game changer

We have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring down costs - IgniteNet is proud to re-introduce the ML 19/35 at the industry’s best prices for a complete 60ghz multi-band solution. The MetroLinq 19cm and 35cm enables the rapid construction of multi-gigabit fixed wireless access networks at unmatched costs. The units can operate as a point-to-point bridge or as a client connected to one of the MetroLinq base-stations. Contact your distributor today to get the new pricing and upgrade your network to multi-gigabit!

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  • 1 Gbps throughput – a perfect option for short range up to 1.5km (1mi) wireless link
  • New base-station compatibility – works well with the new beam-forming sectors
  • 5GHz failover allows building reliable networks that do not suffer total outages from bad weather conditions
  • Mechanical design that reduces ice buildup
  • Professional and precision mounting brackets that are essential for 60GHz band products
  • Alignment scope and LinqAssist app simplifying and decreasing time of MetroLinq installations
  • Cloud controller for easy remote management and monitoring
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