New firmwares available for your Wave1 and Wave2 Wi-Fi devices!

You can download the latest firmwares from our support site, or upgrade your managed devices in bulk from the Cloud controller UI.

What's new?

Here's what changed in this release:

HeliOS W1 v1.2.0 Change Log

Important note: this firmware was removed and a new service release will soon be posted.

This firmware applies to the Spark, SunSpot, and GW-AC1200 models.

  • Fixed system logging related crashed on client disassoc.
  • Improved kernel panic handling to avoid deadlocks.
  • Fixed wireless driver events mangling.
  • Add Tx queue stopping, causing OOM on packet flood.
  • Updated client record locking, avoiding races in driver.
  • Added FS020U LTE dongle support.
  • Fixed SSID configuration, causing invalid "ghost" SSIDs when SSIDs contain spaces.
  • Update troubleshooting information collection.
  • Statistics reporting to Cloud fixes and improvements.
  • Improved IP addresses validation in GUI.
  • Fixed wifi scheduler excessive radio reload.
  • Fixed max TxPower limitation in GUI.
  • Improved clients accounting resulting in crash on certain devices.

Known issues:

  • No wifi bandsteering support.
  • No WDS support.
  • Disabled SSIDs cause the device to lose communication with the Cloud.

HeliOS W2 v2.1.0 Change Log

This applies to the Spark Wave2 AC2600 and Spark Wave2 AC1200 models.

  • Added mDNS discovery support.
  • Fixed ethernet speed configuration.
  • Add "strict" smart isolation option.
  • Add FS040U LTE dongle support.
  • Fixed mixed router/bridge scenarios passthrough traffic.
  • Add RADIUS DAE configuration support.
  • Fixed bandsteering and static ACL configuration conflict.
  • Updated Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia channel EIRPs.
  • Fixed probe request collect in "Client" mode.
  • Fixed Dynamic VLAN traffic tagging.
  • Add selective auto-channel configuration.
  • Fixed "RADIUS MAC Auth" clients authorization.
  • Fixed "Block multicast forwarding" configuration.
  • Add RADIUS NAS ID configuration.
  • Fixed RADIUS auth/acct backup configuration.
  • Update client mode security and IEEE mode statistics detection.
  • Device GUI IP addresses validation fixes.
  • Device GUI statistics reporting fixes.
  • Cloud statistics reporting improvements and fixes.