EOT Brings Gigabit Internet Service to New York City Powered by IgniteNet

EOT, a facilities-based telephone and high-speed Internet services provider, primarily to underserved communities in Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, is pioneering the use of fixed wireless in the mmwave bands to deliver affordable gigabit connections across NY City and surrounding areas. By using the latest MetroLinq products from IgniteNet in the unlicensed 60GHz band, EOT is able to deploy its gigabit service faster and more affordably than pure fiber networks without sacrificing performance.

"We are thrilled to be rolling out cost-effective Gigabit connections in the underserved areas of New York City," says Ted Flomenhaft of EOT. “Development is stymied for a surprisingly large proportion of NY City residents and businesses because of inadequate affordable broadband options; EOT is bridging this digital divide.”

"EOT’s deployment is a perfect example of what we are working to accomplish with the MetroLinq platform which is bringing affordable broadband to all communities," says Hal Bledsoe of IgniteNet. “Many communities are skipped over by incumbent carriers; intrepid innovators like Ignitenet and operators like EOT are working hard to fix this.”

About EOT

MEDIA THREE CORP (EOT), headquartered in Brooklyn, NY is a facilities-based competitive Local Exchange Carrier (cLEC), certified by New York State and an Internet Service Provider (ISP). EOT serves more than 5,000 business and residential customers, primarily in Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY and is among the first to offer 1Gbps+ commercial internet and at a price others charge for basic service. For more information, please visit https://www.eot.net.

About IgniteNet

Headquartered in Irvine, CA, IgniteNet is a wholly owned subsidiary of SMC Networks, Inc. IgniteNet has a proven track record of producing powerful, reliable, easy to deploy, and innovative cloud managed wireless solutions and the industry's lowest cost 60 GHz wireless technology through channel partners worldwide, focusing on Enterprises and Service Providers. For more information, please visit http://www.ignitenet.com.

Source: www.prweb.com