IgniteNet’s 60GHz MetroLinq Receives Product of the Year Award

Each year the Wireless Internet Service Provider Association (WISPA) hosts Wispapalooza in Las Vegas to welcome community members from across the globe and gather top vendors to share their knowledge, expertise, and showcase the latest innovations for the internet service provider industry.

For this show, WISPA community members also elect annual award nominees in different categories, and this year IgniteNet received the product of the year award for the MetroLinq 2.5G-60-35. While 60GHz mmWave solutions are relatively new, they are already making a big difference in the highly competitive Wireless Internet Service Provider industry.

MetroLinq products have all the essential features necessary to take wireless connectivity to the next level. Enormous amounts of license free and noise free spectrum allows multi-gigabit data transmission over fiber-like wireless networks or extending existing fiber networks to hard or impossible to reach locations using other types of infrastructure. High speed, robustness and no interference are key components that service providers require to stay competitive or connect the unconnected and under-connected.

“We have been pioneering the 60GHz mmWave market with huge innovations for 4 years already and such recognition from the WISP industry shows we are heading the right direction. We have gained immense experience during the last few years and the MetroLinq 2.5G series equipment is the flagship product from IgniteNet. More and more services providers are taking advantage of MetroLinq to stay competitive and bring multi-gigabit connectivity not only into metropolitan but also suburban areas,” says Harold Bledsoe, the President of IgniteNet.

Source: www.prweb.com