New firmwares available for most MetroLinq models

You can download the latest firmwares from our support site, or upgrade your managed devices in bulk from the Cloud Controller UI.

What's new?

Which products are affected:

  • ML 2.5G v2.4.2
  • ML 10G Omni v2.4.2
  • ML 60 LW v2.4.2
  • ML One v2.4.2

Here's what changed in this release:

  • Fix 2.4Ghz can not be disabled issue
  • Fix TX power display for the sector error issue
  • Fix memory leakage in speedtest
  • Fix cannot access Radio setting page
  • Fix SSID disappeared behavior when disabled Eth1
  • Updated the 60 GHz TX power for Netherland
  • Updated the 5GHz regulatory for Czech Republic
  • Enhanced 5GHz link stability
  • Enhanced the aiming mode stability
  • Enhanced the PTP performance
  • Enhanced the PtmP stability and performance
  • Enhanced the SNMP MIB
  • Enhanced the DFS scanning.
  • Enhanced the UI layout of the GUI,stations can link to corresponding device.
  • Support simple protocol filter
  • Support Trill (For Omni only)
  • Support NAT mode for ML-LW/ One
  • Support Radius login for the local GUI with the read/only and read/write permission (For more information, please refer this document)
  • Known Issue : Aiming mode will display differently due to non-connection.