New captive portal options explained

What's new?

In HeliOS firmware 1.1.4+, we now offer a few more captive portal options in addition to the default "External Captive Portal" mode:


  • External Captive Portal Service: This setting hasn't changed from the previous firmwares. It is the default hotspot mode.

  • No Authentication: This hotspot mode is for very simple hotspots where you only wish to show a basic splash page to a user and ask them to accept some terms and conditions before they access the internet. We'll explain more about the simple customizations available for the splash page.

  • Simple Password-only Splash Page: This hotspot mode is similar to the "No Authentication" one above, but you can specify a global password that you can give your wireless users to login to the internet.

  • Local Splash page with External RADIUS: This hotspot mode also uses a customizable locally-hosted captive portal page, but authenticates against the RADIUS server specified in the settings.

Note: Some of the new captive portal settings will only be fully configurable from the Cloud UI.


When you choose the "Simple Password-Only Splash Page" option, you'll see configuration options that look like this:


If you choose to customize the splash page (not doing so will result in login page with a black background and IgniteNet logo), you'll see these simple splash page customization options:

  • Logo upload
  • Title
  • Terms and conditions (HTML input allowed)
  • Background color


Finally, after you edit and apply the captive portal settings, a user connecting to one of your hotspot controlled SSID would see this:


and a simple password input field: