New add-on: Extended Storage

General Info

There's a new add-on on the roster called the "Extended Storage" add-on.

This add-on allows you to keep your data stored on the IgniteNet cloud for a full year, instead of the 30 day limit set for the Core Cloud plan, and the 2 week limit set for the Trial plan.



The Extended Storage add-on is $0.50 per device per month, and is billed for each site in your cloud in which the add-on is enabled.

For example, if you have 10 APs and 2 switches in one of your sites, and 5 APs in another, your cloud balance will be $8.50 at the end of the month.


What data does this include?

When we talk about your cloud's data, we are referring both to the data represented in historical graphs, such as wireless and network interface graphs, as well as activity-related records, including client session data, and maintenance & system activity records.

When does this take affect?

Site data, including tasks & alerts, client session data, and statistics older than 30 days will be removed starting February 15, 2017 for sites that don't have the Extended Storage add-on enabled. Removing data older than 30 days allows us to keep our costs down, and continue to offer you all of the IgniteNet cloud features for only $99/year!

Does the Extended Storage billing count blocked, deleted, or decommissioned devices?

No, we do not count these devices when we calculate your bill at the end of the month.

Can I cancel this add-on if I change my mind?

Yes, you can cancel any time, and will be billed for the prorated time that the add-on was enabled at the end of the month.

The new cloud-level Add-ons page

In addition to the site-level Add-ons page, you can now manage add-ons from the cloud-level menu.

This allows you to easily bulk enable add-ons, like Audio/Media Streaming, ContentShield, or Extended Storage, on all of your cloud's sites at once!

Add-ons that require some sort of site-level configuration or setup, such as Media Streaming, for example, will still need to be configured for each site.

Other recent updates

We've added a new "barcode scanning mode" to the "Add Devices" page. This lets you temporarily disable the name field for your devices, allowing you to quickly scan the serial number and MAC addresses of larger quantities of devices into the form.

Barcode scanning

On the site-level wireless clients page, you can filter clients and graphs by frequency. This is useful to exclude backhaul wireless clients from your upload/download graphs.
Client filtering
Another notable change on this page is that client session data is now exported in the current user's timezone, instead of UTC.

Coming soon...

We're currently working on a bunch of new and exciting add-ons... so stay tuned!