Prairie Hills Wireless Powers Gigabit Micro-POPs with IgniteNet’s 60 GHz MetroLinq Platform

Located in Nebraska, Prairie Hills Wireless has grown immensely since they were established by founder Kent Urwiller in 2013.

The huge growth in the number of subscribers as well as rapid increases in bandwidth demands has greatly increased required backhaul capacity, and IgniteNet’s MetroLinq platform was chosen due to its ability to meet these demands (2.5Gbps+). MetroLinq devices operate in the globally unlicensed 60GHz band – providing significant spectrum for high capacity connections. In addition, narrow antenna beams allow co-location of multiple links on a single tower and eliminates self-interference. After successful deployment of 10+ links, Prairie Hills Wireless is now looking to upgrade their remaining Micro-Pop backhauls with IgniteNet MetroLinq products. Prairie Hills Wireless is also an early adopter of IgniteNet’s MetroLinq 60GHz PTMP system and plans to maximize its use to provide high bandwidth connections outside of the increasingly crowded lower frequency bands where spectrum is limited.

“Our IgniteNet Micro-Pops have proven to beneficial to our infrastructure in many ways. The fast speeds and more efficient use of spectrum have truly changed what we can offer in densely populated areas. We are able to reach customers that were previously unreachable due to overuse of spectrum.”, says Kent Urwiller, CEO of Prairie Hills Wireless.

“We are delighted to see our products deployed in more rural areas, which are very underserved in most markets. Our MetroLinq platform is perfect for solving the ever-increasing internet bandwidth demands for both backhaul as well as fronthaul. IgniteNet’s MetroLinq products enable the delivery of multi-gigabit services at unprecedented price points, giving operators a quick return on investment and immediate access to new revenue streams and customers.”, says Harold Bledsoe, a President of IgniteNet.

About IgniteNet
Headquartered in Irvine, CA, IgniteNet is a wholly owned subsidiary of SMC Networks, Inc. IgniteNet has a proven track record of producing powerful, reliable, and easy to deploy, innovative cloud managed wireless solutions and the industry's lowest cost 60 GHz wireless technology through channel partners worldwide focused on Enterprises and service providers.

About Prairie Hills Wireless
Owned and operated by Kent and Sara Urwiller in Ravenna, NE. Prairie Hills Wireless LLC was founded in 2013. Prairie Hills Wireless provides high speed wireless internet service to approximately 1,200 customers in rural central Nebraska.