Recent Cloud Updates

What's new?

Happy holidays to everyone!

Here are some recent updates to the IgniteNet Cloud:

  • The VPC Theme Picker is now available. If you are currently using custom spreadsheets, we'd advise you to switch to a built-in theme so you don't have to worry about maintaining your custom CSS as the cloud's styles continue to change.

Here's the current selection of themes. We'll be adding more in the future.


Here's an example of the Indigo Theme applied to a demo cloud.


  • New, customizable dashboards are now the default option for all clouds.
  • DHCP leases are now available from your device's dashboard. Note: this feature is dependent on your device running updated firmware.


  • There's a new client RSSI and throughput report export option available. Data is exported in CSV format.

What's next?

  • A brand new website will soon be unveiled!
  • Switch configuration support is almost ready for testing.
  • Major configuration improvements are being developed now.
  • Cloud support for the MeshLinq, MetroLinq 10G Omni, and MetroLinq LW are also in progress.