Recent Cloud updates

What's new?

  • New configuration change details

You can now see exactly what settings were changed, as well as their previous and new values, after you make changes to the configuration for your devices and sites.

This information can be viewed on the maintenance page.

Note: config change details will not be available for the first config tasks made after this week's deployment. Any subsequent tasks will include the details, as well config changes for newly registered devices.


  • Client session CSV export

If you wish to perform an analysis on your site's client session data, it is readily downloadable from the clients page:

You can choose to fetch the data in the table (which includes the last active session information for each client), or download all sessions for all clients connected over the last 30 days.
client export

  • Client probe request push config option

Probe request data captured by your IgniteNet devices is now available with the "Client Probe Request Data Push" config option.

You can find this option under the wireless config page, in the advanced settings section.

Read more about this feature here.

(Note: this is only supported in v1.1.3+ firmwares)

Other changes

  • We've cleaned up the design for the "Manage clouds" page and made it more mobile friendly.
  • Devices with newer firmware will now report their WAN IP on the device dashboard - saving you a trip to the networks page.

What's next?

  • Wireless SSID mirroring: We've had a lot of requests to mirror SSIDs on devices with multiple radios so that you don't have to create the same SSID on both the 2.4 and 5 GHz Wireless tabs.

  • HeliOS v1.1.3 firmware: v1.1.3 firmware for HeliOS-based devices is in the initial testing stages. A new beta firmware has been uploaded to the cloud. You can get access to the firmware by enabling the "badge of courage" from your Manage Clouds page.

  • Metrolinq PtMP Support: Cloud support for MetroLinq point-to-multipoint is in development.