This week's Cloud updates

What's new?

  • Multiple cloud owners: It's now possible for your cloud to have more than one cloud owner. Cloud owners are a bit different than administrators in their ability to assign certain roles and rights (such as VPC management or Licensing and Billing management) to other admins.

  • Invoice billing changes: Related to above - your cloud's invoice billing address information has been moved from the primary cloud owner's profile to the cloud properties page.

What's next?

  • Wireless SSID mirroring: will be released in 2 weeks
  • Metrolinq PtMP Support: is now in the testing stages.
  • We are continuing to improve and fine tune the configuration task detail output
  • We are adding language support for Hungarian and Latin American Spanish. If you are willing to help contribute to the translation efforts please let us know at!
  • We are currently implementing a new mechanism for storing and retrieving historical time-series data. This will be quite beneficial for products with a large number of datasources, such as the Fusion Switch.