Silver Lake Internet Delivers Gigabit Wireless Internet Connections in Utah

Silver Lake Internet is pioneering using the combination of both wireless and fiber technologies in order to provide reliable, high speed Internet to its subscribers. This powerful combination allows them to provide gigabit connections to subscribers at lower costs and roll out those services much faster than their competition. Silver Lake Internet is able to bring its services to both residential and as well as small/large business customers that would otherwise be overlooked by incumbent operators because the economics of hybrid fiber-wireless are significantly better than pure fiber deployments.

IgniteNet MetroLinq products have been used by Silver Lake Internet network for more than a year. Initial deployments were started using IgniteNet’s MetroLinq point-to-point products – with the addition of MetroLinq point-to-multipoint products for the last 6 months. Currently subscribers are offered up to 500Mbps Internet plans with the option to offer faster speeds later as needed, which finally became possible when IgniteNet’s affordable 60GHz mmwave products were introduced into the network.

“The MetroLinq is our secret weapon that allows us to compete with the fiber to the home providers in our area, and gives us the ability to offer very low latency and gigabit speeds. We have been using IgniteNet’s MetroLinq equipment for years now. It has proven to be invaluable both in our backhaul infrastructure and to customer sites. With fiber-like latency, our customers have loved the increased performance of our network. We have plans to deploy much more of the next gen equipment in the coming months. It’s changed our approach to building out our network”, says Brett Mansfield, the owner of Silver Lake Internet.

“Silver Lake Internet has been our customer and early technology adopter since the very beginning of the MetroLinq product line. The major benefits of our 60GHz mmwave MetroLinq platform enable operators to provide fiber-like services at a fraction of the cost and in a much faster timeframe than traditional fiber networks. High-capacity, low latency and, no interference all make MetroLinq products ideal for hybrid fiber-wireless networks to extend existing fiber infrastructure quickly and cost-effectively”, says Chad Dewey, the VP of Product for IgniteNet.

About Silver Lake Intenet
SLI is a wisp in Utah that is providing fiber quality internet over wireless. Brett Mansfield started in 2013 under the name RMEcom and rebranded in 2015 as Silver Lake Internet. We have always been focused on providing the best quality product at the very lowest possible price. For more information, please visit .

About IgniteNet
Headquartered in Irvine, CA, IgniteNet is a wholly owned subsidiary of Accton Technology Corp. IgniteNet has a proven track record of producing powerful, reliable, easy to deploy, and innovative cloud managed wireless solutions and the industry's lowest cost 60 GHz wireless technology through channel partners worldwide, focusing on Enterprises and Service Providers. For more information, please visit