Major Cloud Updates

What's new?

  • Config profile changes:

As part of ongoing configuration process improvements, we've removed the notion of configuration profile types (such as "Enterprise" and "Individually Configured"), and replaced them with a simpler inheritance scheme.

After the deployment on Wednesday Jan 24th, any devices that were previously "Individually Configured" will no longer inherit any settings from the site level.

What does this mean for you?

The actual configuration settings for your IC-type devices will not change - only the inheritance policy as all site level settings have been merged into the device level configuration. This means if you change a site level setting for a config option that was previously managed at the site level, such as "local logins", then this change will not affect your previously IC-type devices.

Site level inheritance behavior can be set when you register a device, or changed later at any time.

config profiles

Your MetroLinqs (for now) will not be allowed to inherit any site-level settings as most site-level settings are Wi-Fi centric. This restriction will be lifted in the near future once device-type based configuration support is added to the site level.

config profiles

Last note - you may need to change the default local login password of any device that's registered without site level config inheritance for security purposes, before any new configurations will be allowed to be pushed down to the device.

  • Decommission changes: Due to lots of confusion around what "decommissioning" a device actually means or does, we've changed the name of this action to "disable", as well as added more helpful text to the device-level menu:


Disabling should be used in cases where your device is permanently out of commission (like if it's been struck by lighting). Disabling a device preserves its history and stats, but hides it from all dashboard status widgets and device lists.

  • Dashboard client widget updates: You can now choose which frequencies to include in both the site-level "Most active clients" and "Client count over time" widgets.



  • Multi-year Cloud license purchases: You can now purchase more than one year at a time of your "Core Cloud" or "Virtual Private Cloud" annual licenses.

Other News

What's next?

  • Switch configuration support is almost ready to deploy. Stay tuned!
  • Site-level configuration profiles for MetroLinq 60Ghz and other non-wifi type devices will be the next step in the config process improvement.