We've moved!


We successfully migrated all components of the IgniteNet cloud to a new hosting provider over the weekend.

There were no major problems, thanks to our awesome devops team (which we're growing! Email info@ignitenet.com if you're interested in joining us).

Our new platform will allow us to grow and continue developing new features for the cloud, while still providing our services to you at super-affordable prices.

This week's deployment

In addition to some bug fixes and minor UI changes, we also exposed some new config settings in this deployment.

  • Boot bank settings (advanced)

Every IgniteNet device already has dual flash enabled by default, so each time you upgrade your device's firmware, the current boot bank switches.

If the flashing process fails, such as during a power outage, the device will automatically switch back to the previous working boot bank after attempting to boot 3 times.

Some devices are installed in environments that have major power instabilities, so we're now allowing you to turn this very important feature off, or to increase the number of boot retires before the boot bank is switched.

You can see the new settings related to IgniteNet's dual boot feature under the System tab.

Do not disable "dual boot" unless you know what you're doing!.

Dual boot settings

Note: this setting will only take affect on devices running 1.1.2+.

  • Hotspot RadSec

On the Hotspot (CoovaChilli) page, we've exposed RadSec, which allows you to tunnel your device's RADIUS packets over SSL.

What's next?

  • MetroLinq support has been deployed - BUT, we're still working out the last minor bugs. If you'd like to help us test early, please email info@ignitenet.com and we'll get you setup.
  • VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) support is well on its way.
  • The v1.1.2 firmware release is in its final phases of testing and should be officially released next week!