2.1.0 HeliOS W2R Firmware Released

You can download the latest firmwares from our support site, or upgrade your managed devices in bulk from the Cloud controller UI.

Which products does this affect?

The HeliOS-W2R firmware applies to the following Wi-Fi product models:

  • SP-W2M-AC1200-XXX (Spark Wave 2 Mini AC1200)
  • SP-W2M-AC1200-PoE-XXX (Spark Wave 2 Mini AC1200 w/PoE)

What's new?

Here's what changed in this release:

  • Support added for the SP-W2M-AC1200-PoE model
  • Fixed SNMP config keys migration
  • Updated channel utilization computation for multi SSID setups
  • Added RADIUS DAE support
  • Fixed hotspot startup without RADIUS server enabled
  • Fixed max clients limit configuration
  • Improved wireless driver logging
  • Removed AMPDU control from GUI
  • Fixed VLAN traffic passing through on the SP-W2M-PoE
  • Cleaned up sysupgrade persisting files list
  • Fixed ethernet link detection on SP-W2M-PoE
  • Fixed traffic charts data reporting
  • Fixed wireless statistics reporting in GUI