2.1.0-Beta1 HeliOS W2 Firmware Released

You can download the latest firmwares from our support site, or upgrade your managed devices in bulk from the Cloud controller UI.

Which products does this affect?

The HeliOS-W2 firmware applies to the following Wi-Fi product models:

  • SP-W2-AC1200-XXX (Spark Wave 2 AC1200)
  • SS-W2-AC2600-XXX (SunSpot Wave 2 AC2600)

What's new?

Here's what changed in this beta release:

  • Ethernet stats fixed for bridge mode
  • CPU usage computation fix
  • Fixed LED lockup on SunSpot W2
  • Fixed DHCP fallback IP setup on management VLAN interface
  • Fixed network firewall configuration race
  • Fixed per-SSID hotspot walled garden configuration
  • Fixed HTTP port configuration
  • Allowed firewall rules configuration for hotspot
  • Fixed hotspot file persistence issue for local captive portals
  • Fixed LED control on SunSpot W2
  • Added redirect URL to hostpot UAM query.
  • Fixed client ID information element in DHCP request
  • Fixed traffic charts data reporting
  • Fixed ethernet link loss after network reload on Spark W2
  • Fixed survey scan missing results on 5G radio
  • Fixed 20/40 MHz coexistence configuration
  • Updated regdb for Malaysia,Russia countries
  • Disabled WR channels for ETSI regdomain
  • Fixed wireless ACL configuration issues
  • Reduced memory consumption on Spark W2 and SunSpot W2
  • Replace DTIM interval to 3 by default
  • Fixed channel utilization overflow and reporting
  • Various SNMP statistics improvements
  • Added timestamp to client probe push data
  • Add DNS servers configuration for LAN zones