HeliOS Firmware 1.1.3 is released

A new HeliOS firmware is now available!

What's changed?

New Features

  • Wireless client OS detection
  • Audio streaming support for Sparks and SunSpots (configurable from the Cloud - we'll blog more about this feature later this week)
  • Client probe request data push settings aka Presence API (configurable from the cloud)

Fixes and Enhancements

  • Major client WDS stability improvements
  • The troubleshooting file collection procedure was updated to remove sensitive passwords and keys from the configuration files
  • Fixed some WPA-EAP Radius MAC Auth UI-related issues
  • Exposed remote syslog settings on the System page
  • Fixed a radsec-related issue where the secondary RADIUS server was not being used when the first was unavailable
  • Telnet and SSH access are now disabled from over the WAN by default
  • Minor regulatory power changes for India and Japan
  • Added some additional hotspot/coovachilli-related settings (default landing page, swap octets, etc)
  • Cloud agent: added certificate validation
  • Cloud agent: improved configuration versioning
  • Cloud agent: added ability to connect to the Cloud's XMPP servers on port 443 in addition to the standard 5222 port
  • Other misc bug fixes and improvements

What devices does this benefit?

This firmware applies to our HeliOS-based product families, which includes the Spark, SunSpot, and the SkyFire product lines.

We'll blog separately about firmware releases for the MetroLinq product family.

How do I get the new firmware?

You can download new firmware from our support site's firmware download page or upgrade from the cloud.