Featured Cloud updates: MetroLinq is now supported

What's new?

Beta support for MetroLinq has now been added to the cloud! Make sure to enable your badge of courage so that the option shows up on the device registration page.

ML Support

ML Registration

Important notes here:

  • Make sure your MetroLinq has the latest firmware. Please check the MetroLinq firmware download page - but note that we'll be releasing a new version in the next week or so. This upcoming firmware is the one we'll put on the cloud for firmware upgrade tasks.
  • We're assuming all MetroLinqs will be Individually Configured.

If you have any bugs to report please don't hesitate to contact support@ignitenet.com.

What's coming up?

For those of you interested in private labeling the IgniteNet cloud, you can take a look our beta-only "Virtual Private Cloud" feature now!