Featured updates this week: Rolling f/w upgrade & Add'l site-level settings

What's new?

  • Rolling Firmware Upgrade:
    We've given you a new rolling firmware upgrade option that stops your multi-device firmware task in the event of a single device's failure.
    Rolling Firmware Upgrade
  • New site-level physical wireless settings:
    You can now control the following settings at the site-level:
  • tx power,
  • beacon interval, and
  • channel bandwidth

For existing sites and devices, these settings will appear as "overriden" at the device level. You can manually revert these overrides, but we're also working on some advanced tools that will allow you to apply these new site-level settings to all of the Enterprise-type devices in your site, without having to manually override each one.
New Physical Wireless Options at the Site Level

  • New site-level internet options: In addition to the physical wireless settings mentioned above, you can now choose to let the device's internet/ip settings take precedence when the device registers (even for Enterprise-type devices).

When is this useful? If you plan on configuring your devices with static IPs, PPPoE, or something other than DHCP, this will be the option you'll want to select.

What would happen, before today, is that you'd configure your device's static IP via its local web UI, then register it to the cloud as an Enterprise-type device.

The cloud would then push a new config down to the device, effectively wiping out the static IP settings and replacing them with the site-level "DHCP" settings.

This won't be a problem in the future!

New Internet Options at the Site Level

Other changes
  • A few UI/UX changes that should help users more easily figure out how to handle certain configuration options/procedures.
  • Fixed some quick-search-related bugs
  • Still tweaking the site-level combined client throughput graph
  • We're renaming our configuration profile types! We will dedicate a new blog entry to that.

What's next?

  • Next week you'll be able to choose which on which radios you want your site-level SSIDs to be added.
  • We're really close to releasing v1.1.x firmware, as well as our beta release of content filtering.