Firmware v1.0.5 is released

This firmware version applies to SkyFires and Sunspots.

What changed?

  • We're changing the way that client connection events are reported so that less data flows between the management agent and the cloud.
  • Fixed an issue where a reboot was required to disable bandsteering after applying settings in the UI.
  • In some cases, signal and SNR, on a per-chain bases, were being reported incorrectly. This has been fixed.
  • Some small stability changes were made to the cloud agent.
  • Adjusted the regulatory settings for the JP country code.

Most development is now focused on our next generation, v1.1 firmware, which will be an upgrade to the current platform with a newer Linux kernel, updated packages, and new features (like dynamic vlans, content filtering, and full reporting of hostname and ip address - even for bridge mode), etc...

Download firmware files now or upgrade your devices via the IgniteNet Cloud.