Firmware v1.0.4 is released

This firmware version applies to SkyFires and Sunspots.

What changed?

  • Added the ability to remotely fetch a device's troubleshooting file from the cloud (go to Device dashboard on the cloud, and choose "Fetch Troubleshooting file" from the "Live actions" dropdown.)
  • Exposed the beacon interval setting on the wireless config pages
  • Exposed the DHCP lease time setting on the LANs config page
  • Bunch of stability fixes, optimizations, and other small improvements.

Most development is now focused on our next generation, v1.1 firmware, which will be an upgrade to the current platform with a newer Linux kernel, updated packages, and new features (like dynamic vlans, content filtering, and full reporting of hostname and ip address - even for bridge mode), etc...

Download firmware files now or upgrade your devices via the IgniteNet Cloud.