Check out our new wireless client graphs

You may have noticed a few changes over the past few weeks to our wireless client pages.

We're currently in the process of reworking our storage and statistics backends so that we can start gathering even more metrics, and keep them longer, all while still being able to offer you the cloud at exceptionally low prices.

Here's a screenshot of the latest client graphs that have been added on the wireless client detail page:

You can now view:

  • To which APs your client was connected to over the given time period.
  • Detailed connection info, such as SSID, channel, and signal, when you mouse over the data points.
  • Your client's bandwidth over time, as well as the total amount of traffic downloaded and uploaded for the given time period.

Need to know how much bandwidth your customer used over the last 30 days? These graphs can help you with that.

What's next?

Next we're working on bringing you site-level client bandwidth graphs and charts - this will allow you to see all of your site's client data on one place!