Featured updates this week: Quick search & Alert thresholds

What's new?

Here's what's new with the Ignite cloud this week:

  • Quick search: You can now navigate to a particular AP, client, site, whatever, without having to navigate through the various cloud and site-level menus. Cool, eh?
  • Alert threshold settings: You can find some new alert threshold settings on your Site Properties page. These two new settings can help you control how quickly alerts are generated. For sites with flaky internet connections, it'd be a good idea to set these to higher values. Use lower settings if you want to be notified ASAP that your devices are unreachable.

What's next?

Glad you asked!

  • We're working on a rolling firmware upgrade option for your larger sites
  • And related, we're also working on an "auto-upgrade at registration" option (configurable of course). This will make sure your devices get off to a good start with the latest and greatest firmware.
  • Content filtering is ready... but we're waiting to release firmware v1.1.x before we enable this feature in the cloud UI. Let us know if you'd like to beta test with us. This feature will be free initially.
  • Dynamic VLANs will be another feature exposed in v1.1.x firmware
  • We're going to allow some limited customizations of the local captive portal additional options (logo, some CSS, terms and conditions, etc).
  • And we're continuing to work on our new site-level clients graphs and stats.

Exciting stuff!