Recent Cloud Updates

Important: Cloud will proceed upgrade on January 17 at 9PM (UTC +8) and it will take approximately 3 hours to complete

What's New?

Enhancement & Fix:

  1. Support Aprecomm Freemium
    Aprecomm VWE Freemium provides Wifi quality of experience benchmark. 
    Users can activate it at either the cloud level or the site level. Once activated, devices with supported versions will automatically install Aprecomm VWE. User may check QoE benchmark in Cloud/Site/Device level, also can access Aprecomm VWE site for more information.
  2. Support Aprecomm 1.0.14 for EAP101/EAP102/EAP104 (with v12.4.7 or later)
  3. Support accessibility by Device Platform in OpenRoaming for EAP101/EAP102/EAP104 (with v12.5.0 or later)
  4. Support Report management
    Users can export selected site, historical graph, and device information to a PDF file with selectable attributes, including SSID state, security method, password, radio, and network behavior
  5. Support ECS4150-28T
  6. Adjust Data Rate color Expected RSSI Graph in Linqpath
    Adjust the color of the data rate to make it easier to distinguish different data rates on the Expected RSSI Graph.
  1. Fix missing digit for PLMN in OpenRoaming section.
  2. Fix input validation in payment page