Recent Cloud Updates

Important: Cloud will proceed upgrade on February 21 at 9PM (UTC +8) and it will take approximately 3 hours to complete

What's New?

Enhancement & Fix:

  1. Support JP & FCC regulation for OAP101 series (with v12.4.3 or later)
  2. Support IN regulation for EAP104 (with v12.5.1 or later) & EAP111 (with v12.4.1 or later)
  3. Optimize update of device health status
  4. Fix issue for Authport Session duration will not updated
  5. Fix incorrect quota display in Authport event log
  6. Fix error occurred in Billing page
  7. Fix switch system time format in device level dashboard
  8. Fix user cannot re-activate Aprecomm addon in Site level addon page
  9. Adjust addon icon display in Cloud level dashboard widget.