Recent Cloud Updates

What's new?

New features

  • Cloud support has been added for the Fusion PoE 8-port Switch (monitoring only, configuration coming soon). Go here to learn about how to upgrade your switch from the local web UI to a cloud-manageable version of firmware.

  • Initial Cloud support has been added for MetroLinq 2.5 (currently in beta).

  • The BLACKBX add-on is now available for beta users! You can learn more about BLACKBX's advanced Wi-Fi analytics and management platform on their website.

  • Live actions addition: You can now perform wireless scans from your device's "Live actions" menu on the device dashboard.

  • Local captive portal changes: You can now upload larger logos, as well as choose standard "Terms and Conditions" for your local captive portal page.

Note: your devices must be running HeliOS 1.1.6+ or HeliOS-W2 2.0.2-Beta2+ in order to properly display larger logos.

  • Dashboard widget enhancements: You can now choose switch ports as a monitoring source on your site-level device stats widgets:

  • On the users page, you can change your Gravatar pic so that everyone on your Cloud account knows what you look like.


Other Changes

Your devices will now reboot before a firmware upgrade task is performed to ensure they have enough resources available to perform the upgrade. This is a temporary workaround and will be removed once appropriate firmware fixes are made for the specific models affected.

What's next?

  • Historical graphs for your wireless device's memory and processor usage are coming soon!
  • The new and improved theme picker for VPC (Virtual Private Clouds) is almost ready!
  • Switch configuration support is continuing to be developed.