1.1.9 MetroLinq Firmware Released

New firmware available!

You can download the latest firmwares from our support site, or upgrade your managed devices in bulk from the Cloud controller interface.

Which products does this affect?

This firmware applies to the following models:

  • ML-60-35-XX-XX
  • ML-60-19-XX-XX
  • ML-60-30-18-XX-XX

1.1.9 Change log

Here's what changed in this firmware version:

  • New Feature: Added wait indication message when settings are being applied
  • New Feature: Added Client isolation for 60 GHz radio
  • Improvement: 5 GHz backup operation
  • Improvement: snmpd improvements (new stats gathering implementation)
  • Improvement:Ping watchdog update
  • Improvement: 60 GHz driver update (offload and host)
  • Improvement: Increased default log sizes
  • Improvement: Optimized 60 GHz queue mechanism
  • Bug Fix: Incorrect handling of EAPOL frames causes disconnections
  • Bug Fix: Remote RSSI bug (5 GHz radio)
  • Bug Fix: 60 GHz radio UMAC timeout
  • Bug Fix: Statistics gathering daemon hangs
  • Bug Fix: 60 GHz interface creation crashes
  • Bug Fix: DHCP lease issues when management VLAN is enabled
  • Bug Fix: 60 GHz RSN bug for PTMP
  • Bug Fix: Multicast traffic pass-through causes kernel panic
  • Updated: Regulatory DB for AU, NZ, ZA country codes