2.0.3 MetroLinq 2.5 Firmware Released

New firmware available!

You can download the latest firmwares from our support site, or upgrade your managed devices in bulk from the Cloud controller interface.

Which products does this affect?

This firmware applies to the following models:

  • ML2.5-60-35-XX
  • ML2.5-60-19-XX
  • ML2.5-60-BF-18-XX

2.0.3 Change log

Here's what changed in this firmware version:

  • Fixed: DSCP priority would drop certain packets on 60GHz radio
  • Fixed: Wan mac value not restored when using config backup
  • Fixed: Kernel panic in some scenarios when high pps is being sent
  • Fixed: 60GHz clients stats display on UI
  • Fixed: 5GHz disconnects in some scenarios
  • Fixed: Link uptime statistics gathering for 5GHz
  • Fixed: iw tool now can set properly allowed bands for 60GHz
  • Fixed: 60GHz radio RSN would cause stations disconnect in PTMP
  • Fixed: Inaccurate traffic graph display on UI
  • Fixed: Discovery utility would not show device name
  • Improvement: Add linkid info for troubleshooting file
  • Improvement: Added new scan functionality for 60G and updated 5GHz
  • Improvement: Updated 5GHz DFS patterns and operational logic
  • Improvement: 60GHz queue mechanism optimization (allows to reach higher max throughput)
  • Improvement: Updated regdb database (Malaysia, NZ, AU country code)
  • Improvement: Peerbonding configuration utility
  • Improvement: snmpd stats gathering
  • Improvement: Updated test/apply/revert functionality
  • Improvement: Updated DCS for 5GHz radio
  • Improvement: Increased default network backlog queue size (resolves packet drop)
  • Improvement: Increased UI Speed
  • Improvement: Updated stats gathering for 60GHz and 5GHz radios
  • New Feature: Added Speedtest utility for link capacity measurements
  • New Feature: Added data vlan for 5GHz radio
  • New Feature: Added separate load balancing for 60GHz radio