IgniteNet Unveils Advanced Link Calculator-LinqPath Pro (beta) for Accurate PtP/PtMP Link Planning

IgniteNet is pleased to announce the advanced link planning tool LinqPath Pro. With industry leading 1-meter accuracy data elevation provided by Intermap Technologies, the terrain data used by LinqPath Pro provides point to point and point to multi point link profiles and viewsheds. LinqPath is the software required to meet the accuracy demands of 5G network planning.

As an industry leader in mmWave solutions, IgniteNet has been devoted to delivering the highest quality antennas and receivers. Providing the customer with a reliable connection begins by understanding obstacles that may hinder the line of sight connection. LinqPath is the solution to understanding signal strength given certain terrain. In partnership with Intermap, IgniteNet has enhanced the elevation data LinqPath uses. The underlying elevation data is paramount to providing accurate results when running the analytics. IgniteNet continues to strive in the market, and its tools like these that provide our strategic advantage.

“With the addition of Intermap’s link profile and viewshed analysis to IgniteNet’s industry-leading mmWave deployment tools, users can better estimate the coverage and availability of their network at any location in the world to augment critical decisions on placement of new hardware,” commented Chad Dewey, VP of Product at IgniteNet.

By upgrading to LinqPath Pro, users can gain access to LinqProfile and LinqCoverage tools. LinqProfile is a 60GHz point-to-point (PtP) link planning tool that users to get a visual representation of the terrain along their desired path. With the Fresnel Zone provided, user can understand any LOS obstructions. LinqCoverage is a 60GHz point-to-multipoint (PtMP) link planning tool that allows users to place an access point on the map to determine and visualize the expected line of site from that access point. A 360-degree analytic shows all locations that will have a connection. These new tools provide operators with the ability to plan their RF deployments down to 1-meter accuracy. Incorporating Intermap’s elevation data for improved link planning and viewshed analysis will allow LinqPath to achieve the accuracy needed to meet the demands required for 5G mmWave network planning.