Introducing the IgniteNet "Virtual Private Cloud"

What is it?

The "Virtual Private Cloud" (VPC) annual plan is the newest IgniteNet Cloud plan offering, which allows cloud owners to fully customize the style and branding of their IgniteNet Cloud.

Why choose VPC?

VPC is a beneficial feature for certain Cloud users, like MSPs (Managed Service Providers), for a few reasons:

  • A VPC cloud encourages customer stickiness, and
  • A VPC cloud allows the VPC cloud owner to maintain a unified brand image


Pricing for an annual VPC license starts at $500.00 USD (previously $5000) per cloud. Custom firmware and web UI branding is also available for an additional fee. Please contact if this is a requirement for your project.

Learn More

To learn more about the advantages of VPC, as well as the setup instructions, please visit the Virtual Private Cloud article on our support site.