New firmwares available for most MetroLinq models

You can download the latest firmwares from our support site, or upgrade your managed devices in bulk from the Cloud controller UI.

What's new?

Which products are affected:

  • ML 2.5G v2.4.1
  • ML 10G Omni v2.4.1
  • ML 60 LW v2.4.1
  • ML One v2.4.1

Here's what changed in this release:

  • PtMP stability and performance improvement (now up to 16 client stations per radio)

  • Half Channel support and channel 4.5 support

  • Direct beam scan connection (DBSC) support

  • Additional 60ghz peer information - Beam Index, Distance and RSSI

  • DHCP Relay (with option 82 support)

  • Added QoS support (with 5 VLAN IDs for high priority traffics)

  • TX Power in MCS 10-12 is auto-calibrated for best signal

  • Fix: Disconnection issues

  • Fix: VLAN Forwarding issue

  • Fix 2.3.x CTS/RTS issues

  • Fix: Unstable power in AP Mode

  • Fix: L2 MTU adjustment

  • Fix: Unable to pass Traffic.

  • Fix: Speed Test issues

  • Fix: Linq Assist should now work properly.

  • Known Issue: Speed tests only work for uplink in PtMP mode

  • Known Issue: 2.4.x has known compatibility issues with 2.3.x or earlier releases.